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a very bad experience with Carwale.Com.

I had a very bad experience with Carwale.Com.
Some 2-3 months back, I was searching for a used car but lost my hopes of finding good Palio in Bangalore. Then I had talked to the dealer and finalized Palio Diesel and was about to place an order (All paperwork done) just then I saw 1 ad in for the model/year of Palio that I was looking for. I immediately spent 500 Rs to see the details of the car owner.
To my utter surprise, the ad and the address was complete fake. I called these carwale guys and they themselves claim that it cannot be possible that they have the fake ID because they check everything about the advertiser before uploading his details. But when I told them to check the details of that fake Id and threatened to escalate it then they agreed that unfortunately it was a fake id.

Now as I spent 500 rs only to check that Id, I demanded refund of 500 Rs. (It was not about money but the business ethics ) they said its not there policy to refund money. Then I argue that is it your policy to provide fake IDs on your website. They said no then I told then if you can do exception in that then why not refund my money. But they never refunded my money.

I was very angry about the way they were quoting their policies and not following their own strict policy of providing only genuine Ids (being a paid site). I told them clearly that I cannot accept this kind of service from a paid site.

To my surprise they never refunded my money back even after arguments from me as if with my 500 Rs they will run their business. Very Very unethical way of doing the business. I do not care about my 500 rs but do feel strongly that if you want to run paid site then give service free of fake IDs.

Being a member of Team-BHP atleast the owner should think about the ethical practice. If mistake happened then refund the money of the customer instead of reciting policies.

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2059 days ago by harinder   [ Send Maill ]

Vcommindia provides a platform which is having worldwide information about automobiles. The people having passion for automobiles can update themselves with latest vehicle news, latest launches worldwide, road test results of any vehicle of any brand.

2184 days ago by PHONEIX   [ Send Maill ]

Hi i want to buy tata manza so i went to the company and they provide me a quote of 6lah 74thousand and the dealeer is providing all accessories .Before i buy a car i enquired online on carwale and the provide me a rate of 6lakh 55 for when i went to buy the car the dealer provide me a rete of 6 lakh 79 thousand and the carwale guy relly helped me for incresing my car price insted of negotating the car price with dealer they incresd the car price .

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