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Alberto Torresini and Araya Cha are the brains of scams in Thailand.

My name is Mark Miller, a Thailand based ophthalmologist, a volunteer. I have been in this country for almost a year now servicing the less fortunate in any eye-related medical conditions. In my case, keeping my hotel room for a night and traverse the northern and eastern part of Thailand in day time to look after my patients is really an inconvenient and expensive idea, considering that I don’t really get paid, (well that’s a different story). Cut to the chase, I came across to this website ( as I was seeking assistance for any properties for rental, which I can soon put up my very own clinic that way I will be able to accommodate my patients comfortably. Needless to say, there was this morning that I woke up by distressing knocks on the hotel when I opened the door, a line of people surprised me for treatment. Anyways, I telephoned, and the owner himself picked up the call introduced himself as Alberto Torresini. With no beating around the bush I asked him to drop by in my hotel so we could discuss further the properties good for leasing. And so we met, I explained him what I really need, the size of the building or aparment, transportation, security and my future plan of having my very own clinic. After roughly 30 minutes convo, he showed me a picture of an apartment along Soin Buakhao in Pattaya. He showed some documents as a proof of his ownership of the building and that he designed it himself because he is an architect, his profile here . I wanted to see the building personally, so we went there, I find it convenient, it is a ground-level with two rooms, it is fully air-conditioned, fully furnished, a CCTV camera and a spacious balcony. Just like what I had in mind. July 02, 2015, we met again but this time Alberto Torresini is along with his wife named as Araya Chaichayookul, a Thai woman. Today they brought the contract as I requested to take a look at it.
On the black and white agreement:
• Contract of lease: 3 years
• Monthly rate: 35,000 BHT
• Monthly utilities expense: 4,500 BHT
• Security deposit: 3 months deposit plus 3 months advance for the utilities.

July 3, 2015 3PM is the day of the initial payment and contract signing. I settled an amount of 105,000 BHT for the building and a breakdown of 13,500 for the utilities, everything is settled and well-agreed. August 08, 2015 Saturday, I moved to the building with the help of my poor 1988 Mitsubishi L200. That was around 6PM, I arrived there and to my surprise there were people inside, they were having dinner. I was dumbfounded, my eyebrows almost met. The building is supposed to be vacant, who are these people? I went in without knocking; of course this is my apartment. With all my might, I asked “Who are you?”, and they replied, “Who are you??!!” Okay, this is worst thing happened to me this year. I introduced myself diplomatically as the tenant of the building and you know the family replied, they are actually the tenant of the flat! (Huh?) In fact, they have just returned from their 3 week vacation from Myanmar. What!!??? This doesn’t make sense. What the heck just happened here?! Oh my god! Is this some sort of a booby trap? I can’t believe this. I showed the copy of the contract to the family, and so they showed theirs and to all our surprise, Alberto Torresini is not the same owner appeared on their contract. Now I feel like I am ripped off! I feel very embarrassed to the family. I felt so stupid. That very moment I called Alberto Torresini but number is no longer reachable, neither his wife’s. No response to my emails. I can’t believe this happened to me. I have already filed a complaint to the police and coordinating the Thai authorities. I discovered that these two, Alberto Torresini and Araya Cha have been convicted for multiple fraudulent activities in Bangkok. But why are they on the loose? Jesus! I don’t understand. I have some friends in mainstream media in Thailand, I will use all my resources to prosecute these culprits, I swear to God I am the last victim of this scheme.
I apologize for the long story; I just want to warn everybody against these scammers.
I share to you their personal information.
Phone: + 340 – 6050770

Email: + 66 – 983891969

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