AirTel - They are very worst in their service of Shifting of my telephone Line   

Posted :Sunday, November 29, 2009by B.K.Saravanan Send Maill  Tell a Friend

Billing will be to the old Address and line only will be shifted to your new address - Funny Company - Poor Management

Recently i shifted my residence, so i made a phone call to a service engineer to arrange for shifting, hetold that he is not the conserned person and gave a foolish phone number, no body responds from there, i repeated called that service engineer to check the number - he told sorry several times but gave a wrong no - I got frustrated.

Then i called a number an Airtel complaints number : 4010498 - (Through one of my friend ) but it was also useless they told be to give the shigting in a written format at their thillainagar office.

I went there with a letter for shifting on 16/11/2009 - the receptionist there asked me to make a call to chennai from her table phone the chennai fellow gave me a Complaint no for shifting as 115398, i asked
him how i can follow the status, he told me to visit their thillainagar office each and every time to note the status, hoe idiotic it is, i have also told him that i dont have a land line as i shifted my residence and
have the modem and instruments with me atlast he gave me a number as 0431-0000121-1-9 i dont know how to follow this from my cell phone.

Another big joke was the staff at thillainagar head office refused to get my shifting letter - as she told me that it must have a signature of notary public - once again a headache. i once again confirmed the shifting with chennai fellow - he told me the phone line will be shifted to your new address but the billing will be at the old address itself - he said that is their company rules - such a ken's are in the company as Directors i feel.

As i need billing at my new spot i went to a notary public to get my shifting stamped and signed, and went to thillainagar office on 19/11/2009 and submitted the same, the staff there told that you will get the phone line with in 2 days, but even after 3 days no response

In the mean time one fellow came to my house to make a landmark from the nearest juncton box, after two days cabling contractors came and gave a cable line from a junction box and left the line bare at my
doorsteps, they told another guy will come to continue the same, after two days another fellow came and tied the line from my telephone line to that cable with out connecting

Already 9 days passed, suddently a ring from thillainagar staff to my cell came, she told your transfer letter is not accepted as you have to write the shifting on a 20/- Rupees stamped paper duly signed by a
Notary public - I scolded her how idiotic their company rules is and how staffs are unaware of the Mega company rules.

She told then your billing will go to old address and line will be shifted to your new address - I asked how to pay the bill she told you will reeive bills in you email id, I thought the worstness in their service, if it is a genuine company they have to tell me that they wont shift unless i give a stamp paper signed by Notary public, but i got a slummy opinion on Airtel.

On the same day 25/11/2009 i made another complaint for shifting at their chennai office - 26868188 as well as madurai office 4011213 on morning itself - at 7.00 pm a staff came and he connected the lines
uninsulated - he told that he attend complaints - as you made a complaint at chennai i came here told

after a few minutes a call from madurai came and the guy told me that he will follow the shifting but he is still following i think.

Even now the line is not properly connected as well as billing address is not confirmed - I think the shifting dept is still searching my address. Poor Management.


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2178 days ago by Tynee   [ Send Maill ]

To Whom it may concern, Today I am disgusted with Airtel service. And disgusted is mild. I think you have converted one of the best working Zambian companies into a make-shift money maker for yourselves. Is this what Indians live with? I was asked to send my name in to 6262 about a week ago for a competition in which I stood a chance to win fabulous prices.NO mention was made of subscription. The next thing I knew, I was getting irritating sms's at ALL HOURS and as many as 7 at a time!! I tried to call your customer service and I was disconnected, told lines were busy, or serenaded by R Kelly for up to 5 minutes at a time after which I was disconnected. I sent 6262 another sms to say unsubscribe, to no avail. Eventually, I went into an airtel office where the consultant told me A) I should sms 6262 and say stop. This did not work. B) Airtel was not responsible for the promotion, that it was another company running it. In this case I would ask - Why are my details being given indiscriminately to strangers? Is my client relationship not breached? Should I sue Airtel? AND Airtel then IS responsible. Directly or not, because I gave my details to them under false pretences.C) The staff of Airtel are busy and maybe that is why they are not taking my calls....2days later.He did nothing to help me. He was not polite or attentive, and clearly not interested. Maybe too many people are complaining for him to care any more. Bring Zain back. Indians go home. You have no idea how to run this business and you need to leave.

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