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Posted :Tuesday, November 23, 2010by Eduardo K Send Maill  Tell a Friend

Dishonest business

To put it simply we feel that we were treated poorly by the owners and the tub repair person. We feel the repair invoice was padded using deceit and down right dishonesty.

At no time were we contacted with the repair estimate, even though we asked Gary repeatedly for one. At no time were we given the opportunity to say No, thats too much for an old hot tub, dont fix it, Which, had we been contacted, as is normal procedure for every other repair weve ever had, we would never have consented to do.

Our tub is 8 years old as your tech knew. $2733.00 is a ridiculous amount of money to put into a tub that old! We were never given the opportunity to discuss charges in progress. We are not wealthy people and we would never have put $2733.00 into this tub.

Ms. Hagerman spoke with Gary many times but only when he called back because he was never in the shop when I called, at any time of the day. No matter who answered the phone, I was told repeatedly All I can do is leave Gary a note to call you. No one had the ability to tell me anything about the status of my hot tub.

The week he was supposed to begin repair on our hot tub he freely stated to Ms. Hagerman he had missed 3 days of work. On Tuesday the 9th of November when he called at 2:45 he was in my opinion impaired in some manner. Affected speech, repeating himself constantly, and confused when I tried to ask any questions! Ms. Hagerman spoke with him Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week of the 8th. Each day he told me the same thing, that he had just replaced the 6 jets and the canister assembly and was going to fill the tub sometime. Wednesday the day he called and said it was ready he again the stated the repairs above. Each time he repeated the same information as if it had just been done that day. Ms. Hagerman told him you have already told me this repeatedly all week, at which point he began to mutter and backtrack. Again, Ms. Hagerman inquired about the bill. Gary stated he couldnt tell me but he did say he had 38 hours of labor alone in it. Mr. Hagerman questioned his hours, reminding him he only worked 2 days the first week and Tuesday he said he was in Leveta Pass area all day. How could he rack up this many hours? He then stumbled and mumbled then decided 31 hours was better. That still is not the truth! We have replaced jets in our tub before and it is very easy to do. Were we also charged as he sat and watched the tub fill? We were told he worked in the evening. So am I to believe this non self starter worked 20 hour days? I doubt that! Or am I charged for the snail pace he works? Thats not right either.

We were prepared to spend up to $1, 000.00 for repairs but never in our wildest dreams did we think he would charge this exorbitant amount of money and NEVER even giving us the chance to refuse the repairs and purchase a new tub.

We consulted with another firm in the area after all this happened. They were shocked at the amount of the invoice and the fact we were never consulted about the possibility of not repairing the old tub and buying a new one.

We will not recommend your business to anyone needing anything you offer. We will give you bad reviews everywhere we can find to do so online, and we will contact the Better Business Bureau to file a strong complaint about the way we were treated and cheated by your business. Also since you are supposed to be a Marquis Authorized dealer, I will also be talking to this company about your shady dealings.

We are considering whether to sue in Small Claims court for this egregious treatment and blatant falsified charges. And to top it off, 2 jets dont work that worked before!

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