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Dishonest scam


Last year Tony Liddicoat sacked 'authorhouse publishing company' who he had paid handsomely for publishing his book, "Five Bells " ~ Job Done. A Divers Story. During his association with them he published his book which became very well received and reviewed by over 25 major journals around the world. The RRP of the book was £9.90. For each book sold he received £1, 88. Authorhouse kept
the remainder, [£8. 11] This went on for over a year before he realised something must be wrong. When serious outlets asked to sell the book, they were told by 'authorhouse' that they had to pay the RRP, which of course meant they could not earn any money at all. He learnt about the outlets discount for new books which range between 35% and 65% of the RRP. Tony Liddicoat was informed by 'authorhouse' that if he wished for his books to be sold by major outlets then there was a fee payable, [approx £500 annually, for each outlet, !]]
He could not afford to do this and continued being paid the £1, 88 per copy, During this time he was lied to, his private mail was intercepted and opened and his requests for clarification to 'authorhouse ' were ignored.
He then re printed his book with a new ISBN number and published the book himself. He is now the only legal publisher of his book and has been for over a year, However even though he received assurances from 'authorhouse' that they would stop selling and supplying the book, his books were still being printed,
advertised and sold without his knowledge or consent. He realised this when he received unexpected 'royalties' [ in itself a rarity without having to chase them] The royalties were for books sold by 'Amazon'
who had been given the pdf file of the book by authorhouse, to print their own copies and sell them on demand or when they wanted. [Without the Authors knowledge or permission ] The 'royalties' offered were the £1, 88 per book. Which means that the cosy little arrangement between 'Authorhouse' and 'Amazon' where they print and sell their own copies and were quite happy to give the author £1.88 per copy and keep the remainder for themselves. Now this is against the law. When he contacted 'authorhouse and asked what on earth is going on. he was told that it was human error and he has no cause for complaint as I had been paid the pittance of £1.88 per book.

This information is being forwarded to the legal authorities in the UK and every blog site known, enable the unsuspecting to know just how 'authorhouse 'operate. It is a scam and if you multiply this by the 60, 000 authors they say they have 'published' then it is a huge sum.


Anybody who knows of legal action against authorhouse, please contact me.

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1389 days ago by Lisanne   [ Send Maill ]

I paid a deposit to AH of £550 for publishing my book, they told me it was the best solution etc other companies wouldn't be as helpful but then I changed my mind about publishing. I have now waited 5 weeks for my refund. They will keep £150 plus a non refundable £30!! Still have not seen a penny returned to date. Beware and stay away.

1449 days ago by Shweta Boys   [ Send Maill ]

Hi Anthony, I was very shocked to read this and I am very glad I decided to check out the company as they have been in touch with me regarding my book. As this is my first time publishing I am a newbie to the industry. Authors house have put me off publishing with other companies explaining how the other companies work and that my book probably would not get looked at so best to start with them! Kind Regards Shweta

1460 days ago by Viveca Venegas Vilarů   [ Send Maill ]

Dear Anthony, can you help me? I found you searching for complains and problems with Author House. I had my book published with them some four years back. They never that I know have sold my books or send me more than $15.00 I payed for everything. But when I search my name under Googles my book at Author house seems to be selling everywhere inside USA and even in Spain. The prices people are paying for it is expensive but I have never got any payment. My Spanish version of it, has sold pretty well locally but I do all the work. What can I do? How do I get my money if they have been selling it, and how do I stop them? My book title is: To Love Until It Hurts and it has a photo of an Indian woman that I shot and won The National Geographic photo contest in 2007. I would appreciate your advise. Thank you. Viveca Venegas.

1500 days ago by Fiona   [ Send Maill ]

I had a long call with them yesterday and thought it sounded good. I was going to part with £1400 but thought we would check it out first. Glad I did and thanks for the share.

1532 days ago by George Haimbiri   [ Send Maill ]

It is true AT house is a scam and dishonourst company. I published a book titled, A SENSIBLE CHILD with them in May 2011,even paid a publishing package in which they spelled out my royalties and the number of books expected to be distributed online and around the world.Untill today i have not received a cent from my investment despite that my book is sold at 9.60 pounds.All my efforts to ask at what is going on are ignored and no one from authorhouse attempted to contact me. In the beggining i almost believed in what they do untill when they failed to pay my royalty.

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