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Enquiry Regarding mail received by me wathaer it is real or spam

I received so many time official letter from luthfansa airline regarding the selection of finance officer please clerify wather if is spam or in reality here by paste the letter receivedFrom: "Human Resource Department Lufthansa Airways Ireland" Add sender to ContactsTo:, hkber1963@gmail.comMessage contains attachments1 File (77KB)Offer Letter and Appointment at Lufthansa German Airlines Harvinder Kumar.docAttention: Applicant,

With the consent and entire management of Lufthansa Airlines Ireland
wishes to inform you, that your CV/resume has been properly examined
by our highly esteemed professionals that handled the screening
process, and they were able to access your credibility and potential
as its suits our needs.

Details about this JOB OFFER LETTER is attached herewith for
clarifications and understanding of the information you may needed to
know in due time like; job position, job starting date, etc.

You are advice to read and understand the attached document, whereby
you do not understand any paragraph or word kindly contact us
immediately through the telephone number stated on the attached offer
letter or write us through email for clarifications.

The Attached Soft Copy will give you all the details and benefits of
the offer, and also it will give you the information for obtaining
your work permit/visa to Ireland.

All new employed recruited by Lufthansa Airlines Ireland (And are not
presently possessing a valid Residence, Work Permits, Visa) shall be
expected to personally contact Ireland Embassy with the below conatcts
and go with all directives as shall be related to the processing,
procurement and acquisition of their necessary permits clearance
papers with the Ireland embassy LUFTHANSA AIRWAYS IRELAND HAVE TAKEN
after the processing the documents will be sent to you to go to
Ireland consulate or embassy AROUND YOU for your visa stamping etc.

Visa Department Embassy of Ireland India
230 Jor Bagh New Delhi 110 003 India.
Contact Persons: Mrs. Sunita Chopra and Mr. Rex Anderson
Designation: Visa Section Work/Resident Permit
Telephone: +919004552312

Note that the procurement of your work-permit MUST not exceed the dead
line as stipulated in the offer letter as it would take Five (5)
working days for the Embassy of Ireland. To procure you’re Visa,
Work-permit Resident-permit. You are advised to have a comprehensive
look at it. If the terms are acceptable by you, print the documents,
sign on the space provided for you, scan the document to our human
resource department, and send a copy to Embassy of Ireland.

Do get back to us with developments and updates regarding the
procurement of your valid work-permit. You are required to contact the
Human Resources Representative in case of any clarifications. Any
clarification sent out side the Inquiry Office will not be treated and

Congratulations on your appointment.

Yours Faithfully,
Eddie Clover

Head Human Resources Department
Lufthansa Airways Ireland.

Mr. Joe Gates.

Assistant Head of Careers Departments.

Lufthansa Airways Ireland.

+447024025679, +44702 401 1880

Official Appointment Letter/Contract Documents Lufthansa Airways Ireland.

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