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Posted :Tuesday, March 26, 2013by Unhapppy One Send Maill  Tell a Friend

Faulty Vehicle Sold

What can I say about them

Bought a diesel car and was promised warranty on sale (3000 pounds).

The very next day the car couldn't start. Talked on phone. They said bring the car there.
Hello, it doesn't start. Towed - extra costs

They said it has major problems, will need to get it fixed, but will need to pay extra money.

Their tone completely changed.

Got it fixed by another garage as I was fedup with their aftersales service.

Costed extra but didn't mind if it started.

Next day, went on motorway. The car broke down.

Luckily we had breakdown cover from Swinton. got it towed to nearby garage as this is their policy. Only deliver car home when all options have been exhausted. They fixed it and said its fine now. We were so happy.

Again stopped on motorway. Got it towed from London to Bradford. Called Trader. Explained them everything. They were not interested and used to laugh in the background and said go to court if you like.

Contacted Consumer Advice Helpline. Got referred to Trading Standards. Followed all steps. Emailed, phoned and wrote to trader. Recorded delivery came back even by Trading Standards who have posted many times. He disconnects the phone every time we call. Also registered complaint with Action Fraud, involving the police. They said they may write to me. No reply.

Only option: The Court

The matter is now in court as we didn't have any choice. Fine we maybe unlucky when buying the car but there should always be aftersales provided with some solutions. Oh yes, the cost for repairing the car is coming near to the amount we bought it for.

Maybe other people will be lucky when buying cars from Elite Trade Centre but just wanted to inform other buyers how low some organisations can get to after they sell the product. Their attitudes completely change. I admit an excellent car salesman but a very good conman.

If I had known this will be the service Ill get, Ill never even get the car from them even if it was being given to me for free with free diesel expenses.

That's all I have to say....

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1429 days ago by Amir Sayed   [ Send Maill ]

I have sympathy for you bro. Hope u win the case.

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