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The reason why I indicate that because FHTM which has changed my life so much. Now, I am very interesting in running this business. This company help my income increase significantly. I know some people haven't believed and complained something on FHTM's system. In fact, They are the unsuccessful business people due to some reasons. I think they ran their business go the wrong way. Moreover, they didn't have a strong mind and patient to go straight to their goal. Most American 95% only know the normal way to make money by working for salary and the rest of 5% do business. Why you don't give a chance to your life to make a freedom income similar with my case. The good thing of this business is " WILLABLE, SELLABLE, and TRUSTABLE ASSETS". The last thing I want to say with some unsucessful people that if you are not success to attain your goal, you shouldn't push other people down following your steps. In this difficulty currently economic, a lot of people wish to have a job. Most companies required skills and experience, or degrees. However, in FHTM where give free training without required experience. In fact, 100% business work required investment. Thus, the most simple thing is "NO INVESTMENT, NO INCOME". Then, we talk about the founder - Paul Oberson who has donated so much for poor people and done charity to schools. To me, a company with good owner will be a good place to help a chance for people. Until now, I still remember his sentence that " RESPECT DIFFICULTY, RESPECT DIFFICULTY, AND RESPECT DIFFICULTY".

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1897 days ago by Jamie   [ Send Maill ]

WOW! What a crazy past 6 months for my wife and I. We joined fhtm in may of 2011. I was working construction at the time. I assumed I would be doing so for the rest of my life. I knew nothing about multi level marketing and assumed it was a scam. But, we were introduced to fhtm and I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it. I'm not going to lie and say its been gravy. But, with my uplines help and all the awesome training. We figured it out. We were told to expect ups and downs, highs and lows. But, not to give up. So, we didn't. We just kept our eye on the ball. It has paid off. My wife was able to quit her job and do fhtm full time. And I am just a few months from joining her. I am learning in this business the key is to not give up. I just want to thank Paul Orberson and fhtm for giving me the chance to have all the good things in life. For leveling the playing field for people like me. THANKS AGAIN.... Jamie .....

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