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Some one from Beureau Criminal& Investigation a Law Firm alled me to my workplace around 2.38pm on Friday Nov 19th, 2010 he said his name is Adam Steven with Indian dialect. as I knew Indian people never changed his name with American name. In his message the said I have legal matter with my Social Security # on it. He also siad " Do Not disregards this call and I have to call back. If not something will be happened to me either at my work or at home" That thay I left early from work around 2.20pm I listened to this message on Sunday afternoon. And the same person try to reach me again on Monday. He called my Human Resources Department. I called Adam Steven and he transferred me to John Smith which also an indian. I tried to get any written notice and what lender I dealing with and what is his law firm name and address . But he can not mentioned it to me. Both Adam and John gave my the same address but with different ZIP CODE. I called the sheriff office & government office in that area just want to know if this company exist. but the government/sheriff said there are no such company with Beureau Criminal Investigation like that. John said he will persued thru court room and I have to pay $10, 000 OR I can just pay $945 today BUT... I have to write a letter and fax them mentioned that I agree to pay $945.00 and say THANK YOU.. THANK YOU.. can you imagine I have to say THANK YOU !!! So Contact police Department in my area and in that county to report this scam. Any one know any lawyer so we can press charges against this people why don't we work together ? Jeffry H

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990 days ago by Retta   [ Send Maill ]

My husband got a call from this bureau criminal investigations. Only his name was officer Alex Watson. He claimed to be a Federal agent, but refered to himself as an officer. He told him that if he didn't pay he would be arrested. I filed with my police department.

1364 days ago by Hosam   [ Send Maill ]

No such site existsAnd, celtainry no site that will not charge you upwards of 600% interest on the paltry amount they will lend.I wouldn't do a payday loan over the net. You are just asking them to make a mess of your bank account when the loan is due.

1543 days ago by Jane   [ Send Maill ]

I'm currently receiving the same types of calls from the same people. I'm being told I received a $300 loan and neglected to return some forms...blah blah blah. He goes on to tell me that if I don't resolve the matter over the phone, then I can expect to be picked up by the sheriff at my residence or place of employment within the next 45 minutes (I hope people aren't falling for this). The ironic thing was he had no details on when this transaction supposedly took place, when I was previously notified about this so-called loan and was very reluctant to give me the company's name he was calling on behalf (Cash Advance USA). I guess he wasn't expecting me to be quite knowledgeable about the collections process so I had to quickly educate him but before I did I asked if the call was being recording. He claimed it was and said GOOD. Then I proceeded to let him know he called the wrong person on the right day! I gave him a earful but in a very tasteful manner and ended by saying if you can't send me written documentation regarding this matter (which all collection agengies are obligated by law to do if the customer request it)via certified mail, this conversation is over. He continued to babble and I disconected the call. I will be doing my own investigation at this point and reporting this company through every outlet available. I don't appreciated the lies, threats, and flat out scam. Once again, they pissed off the right one today.

1891 days ago by Steffen   [ Send Maill ]

I just recieved an email from that payday loan place,with an attachment from a lawyer,I thought it was funny until i saw my social,I know for a fact i never had a payday loan,because its against he law to give military personnel that type of loan,,what can be done about this..Im getting in touch with the judge advocate general in the morning,to protect myself

1957 days ago by David   [ Send Maill ]

Got a phone call today which they claim I had a payday advance in 2010 and wanted to set up payments and offer settlement. No way do I owe this and he must have called 25 to 30 times harrassing me and saying I would be put behind bars. It didn't end until my wife finally told him she had to call an ambulance because his harrassing calls made me fall and then she was going to call the police. Wow the lengths people will go to rip you off.

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