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fraud mails under the name of british petroleum


attention unemployed graduates we are getting mails under the name of british petroleum with out applying to the company.the email will be as follows

1st, St. James Square London, SW1Y 4PD

Date: 16th of October 2008

Ref No: 01/007/HRD/BPPLC
Attention: Naushad Ali

After due screening of your CV and Qualifications by the recruit team, British Petroleum Company has finally short-listed applicants coming for the job interview.

On behalf of the entire Recruit Team, I will like to inform you that your name has been short listed among the Forty (40) qualified applicants for BP job by the Board of Directors.

Stated below is your required informationís for the interview schedule.

Applicant Name: Naushad Ali
Applicant Ref No: 01/007/HRD/BPPLC
Interview Venue: 1st, St. James Square London, SW1Y 4PD
Salary Range £6,000-£19,000 Per Month
Interview Date: 19th November 2008
Arrival Date Of Applicants 14th November 2008

Applicants are all expected to come with the original copies of all their qualifications and certificate.

The Recruiting Team will be very strict with all screening excise during the interview, therefore you are advice to submit the original copies of all qualifications and results to the Administrative department for verification and authenticity of document. It will be handed over back to applicant while returning to their various locations (Home Resident).

Appointment Letter will be issue to qualified applicant 4 days after the interview.

The Recruit Team will conduct a seminar for applicant two days after arrival; applicant will be briefed on the Rules and Regulations of BP interview.

Equal right will be given to Foreign and British Citizen during the interview excise.

All applicants are to come with a typed copy of their application letter, which will be handed over to the administrative department on their arrival.

Applicants are to come with four copies of their recent passport (Digital Copy)

Accommodations and feeding of all applicants will be totally taken care of by BP.

Stationery materials will be handed over to each applicant for the interview.

Applicant will be issued a six (6) month Visa for the Interview.

Alpha Travel Agency will process all immigration documents in affiliation with the British Embassy Head Office here in London, due to the immigration security check, which the British Government is handling currently. BP has a special preference with the traveling agency; BP has sent the full details of the entire forty qualified applicant to the Traveling Agency for the processing of their immigration document.

Be informed that your job interview will last at least a week due to the seminar and orientation that will be held before the interview day, note that after the interview you will be required to spend four (4) days in London to wait for the out come of the interview.

All qualified applicants will be issued their appointment letter to go home and resume duty one month after appointment.

While resuming duty with BP, BP will take care of your traveling expenses. An accommodation and an official car will be attached to qualified applicant whose position desires it.

BP will take care of the traveling expenses of any applicant who has a family to relocate with to London (Maximum of 4).

The Immigration document will be processed within a short period of time two (2) weeks, so applicants are expect to make arrangement, so the immigration documents reaches your hand before the arrival date.

Applicant are to incur 33 %( £720) of their traveling expense while BP will incur 67%. This payment upfront is to show commitment and assurance towards working for BP. British Petroleum Company has paid 67% each of all applicant traveling expenses to the Finances department of the Alpha Travel Agency for the processing of Immigration documents.

All applicants are to effect payment of £720 to the processing officers, as the 33% charge for their traveling expenses before the processing of individual immigration document commences.

Applicants are advised to be very polite while dealing with Alpha Travel Agency.

All applicant will be re-imbursed after the interview, do note that re-imbursement will only be granted to applicant with prove of payment. All applicants will be re-imbursed and also with an additional 5% bonus, this is due to expenses applicant might have incurred while dealing with BP.

British Petroleum Company in the pass incur 100% of all qualified applicant coming for our interview, but in must case some of the applicant flee into the thin air on their arrival, this means that some of the internet applicant/Foreigner uses our interview invitation to migrate to London. Due to this BP has done some amendment in our recruitment policy.

Do be informed that all applicants invited for the job interview are to arrive at the international airport (Heat

if u reply to this mail u will get immediately a mail stating that you are selected for the interview and you have to arrange 720 euros and sent the details to the alpha travelling agency to get the immigration certificates

so don't entertain this and get the notice to the original BP company and they are asking us to inform to local police also

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