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Gold Coast Company


Kindly give attention to this letter, though it will bring you a surprise.
I am ibrahem
musa a Purchasing Manager for Ghana Gold Coast Company (GH).

Due to my condition, I sincerely demand for your honest co-operation at moment.
I have deliberated it in my mind and decided to offer you this profitable business.
I became aware of your credibility through your profile.
This is a profitable business which will be of mutual benefit to both of us.
I used to go to Dubai to purchase a product called PLATINUM Xsp SOLUTIONS.
I am unable to make this trip to Dubai because of my health.
I have been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer which was discovered very late,
due to my laxity in caring for my health. It has defiled all forms of medication.
Right now, I am on admission in the hospital that will take few months to recover
according to the Medical Director.My Company has arranged my assistant to Malaysia for the purchase of this product which I normally purchased. Due to the fact I do buy the product at the rate of ($2,500 USD) per carton and re-sell it to my company at the rate of ($3,800 USD).

In order to protect my previous dealings, I wish to appoint you as the seller of this product because The Assistant Purchasing Manager will soon be in Dubai and will buy the products through you.

If you are willing to take this business opportunity, I am offering you 50% of the profit and 30% is for me while the remaining would be your operational costs on each transaction.

Note: 1) This transaction is completely risk free and will take one or two days to transact.
2) You must not let my Assistant meet the main dealer or know the actual price I have been buying the product.

If you can handle this transaction and promise to be faithful then I will give you all the necessary information to transact this business.

Please call me on phone +233 240 185 204 if you are interested because I will not be able to check my e-mail frequently due to my sickness.

I am waiting for your positive and urgent reply.

Product Details:

The PLATINUM Xsp SOLUTIONS is a new scientific chemical fluid substance manufactured in North Korea.
It is a lubrication mainly used in the gemological laboratory for the purification of Gold and diamonds clarity treatment.
It penetrates deep into diamond and vaporizes out black inclusion in diamonds and other precious stones listed below:-

(1) Tanzanite
(2) Citrine
(3) Pink topaz
(4) Aquamarine
(5) Ruby
(6) Sapphire
(7) Zircon (both blue and colorless)
This product is rare and highly demanded by my Company in the Republic of Ghana.
Though not long it came to existence, it was introduced to our company by a Chinese friend,
Mrs Chow, a gemologist in USA, who gave me a sample for test on my last visit to the United States.
After our Company researched on this product, I discovered it in Dubai and since then I have been going to United Arab emirates for the purchases.

Please if you are interested to do this business transact with me,kindly reply via ibrahem
Warmest Regards,
ibrahem musa,.

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