Kinko's STEPHANIE C   

Posted :Saturday, March 19, 2011by samantha23 Send Maill  Tell a Friend

horrible service, rude customer service by RUDE hispanic stephanie c

This is a complaint about the kinkos on university blvd with the rude employee stephanic c...she is a semi obese rude hispanic or who kniows what race animal who doesnt know how to treat people or customers. I went in to get a fax done and asked her how to do it--she was helpful enough and pleasant. But the moment the confirmation paper printed out-- she came and grabbed it as if i was going to try to steal the faxes. She was really rude and acting rude and was staring at my money card again as if I was trying to steal something. She then tried to rush me out and check me out---after grabbing all my information...she gave me a total and it wasnt the same total on my money card---i had a money card and cash on me...and figured the total would be about 8.50...she rudely kept saying "i need the EXACT amount' and was rushing me to do it and kind of stressing me out...what if i wanted to do other shopping there or something else...the exact amt wasn't coming up and she was being rude and rushing me more...finally I got an amt that worked, and paid her the rest of the cash...I was short by THREE cents.. again most places would just say...oh its ok dont worry about it-- i can get if they don't and its no problem for me to go get three cents...but stephanic C was so rude and jsut said YEAH thats what u need...thats the difference...and had me go back out to my car to get three cents-- she was so rude and acted as if I was tryign to steal faxes and short her change...she/it wasn't professional at all or had any ounce of customer service...I guess hogs like her think its ok to treat other women like dirt just because she's a rude mean person...she sure knows how to make customer's experiences there really bad...stay away from this whackjob if you ever go to that kinko's and stick to the guys tehyr'e friendlier and know how to treat people. They call these scumbags 'team members' I just call them trolls who think they can treat others like dirt and get away with it

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