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International Fraud Yoegsh nanda & Poonam Nanda Family and both Son

I am Mandeep Gaur from Malivya Nagar New delhi, Let me introduced my self, I am Bank Clerk PO in Syndicate Bank Malviya Nagar Branch new delhi, One incident have fully changed my life heaven to hell. This matter have started from Malviya Nagar where i was working near by my office place one food eatery restaurant was there the name of Delhi Heights which was running by a Mr Yogesh Nanda, Poonam Nanda and his 2 fraud son Gagan Nanda & Gaurav Nanda . I used to visit there place Delhi Height restaurant everyday in my lunch time so we had very good terms with Yogesh Nanda & there Family. After having relation of 3 years one day they asked me that they need some investment to start same business in other place in Delhi, I said them ok fine u apply to bank i will help to get a Bank **** since we had 3 years relation so thought lets help them as a human being nothing wrong in that, So asked Mr Yogesh Nanda to come to Bank and i will introduced my Branch Manager of Syndicate Bank Malviya Nagar Branch, They have guide him what are the documents needed for the **** they have given form to fill and attached all the relevant document which required for Bank ****. As u know Bank rules if you give Collateral Bank never asked for any Local Guarantor or else they will ask someone who can Sign the **** form as a Guarantor If in case the person is unable to pay in that case bank may ask money to repay from guarantor in some cases, hence whatever After a week Yogesh Nanda & His wife Poonam Nanda came to office and submitted the **** documents to Bank, after 2 days i got a call from Mr Yogesh Nanda that he wants to meet me i said fine im coming tomorrow today im out of City with my family the date was 27 Oct 2013 (Sunday) After i come back as usually i used to go for my Lunch time i went and finish my lunch and after Mr Yogesh Nanda his wife Poonam Nanda ask me come to house we will have some imp talk, After i went to his house they requested me to Sign a Bank **** form as a Local Guarantor, so i surprised and shocked how someone can ask like this to be a Guarantor for him since we know each others form this hotel Delhi Heights it don, t mean that we i can involve in any financial matter or **** matter with unknown people whom we just know just bcoz i eat everyday my lunch there, I refused to sign and be a Guarantor for them then suddenly Poonam Nanda a wife of Yogesh Nanda started requesting me as a Son please help us to get a Bank **** Gagan wants to start one more Out lets in another place. So i asked few days of time to discuss my family will inform you . After talking with my wife she said its not good to be a grantor for anyone noways. Even She is also a Bank Employee she knows the terms better. After that i called to Yogesh Nanda that I can, t Sign your Bank **** form as a Local Gurantor bcoz we just know each others in just in hotel i come there and eat that's not enough to know a person neoghter we had any financial transaction with each other. Any way Yogesh nanda started calling and eating my head & begging everyday please please sign it we will not cheat or run away like usual everyone says that Finally i agree somehow and without asking my wife i have signed the Bank **** form and given them since they were trying to get **** of Rs 1500000 but without any Bank guarantee or Land or Property bank will never approve **** just based on business, After 10 days they got approval for just Rs 500000 only that also i was a Witness & Guarantor for them since im a Bank Employee so it was very easy to get approved, After the **** approval i said them See mr Yogesh prepared your self from this month to pay bank EMI which was just around Rs 8560 Only, they started paying EMI from Nov 2013 .After 6 month i got some Official work to stay to Gurgaon for 2month, I went in there my my office work by 21st May 2014 to 23rd July . Mean while we used to talk weekly twice, one day i called him just as usual the day was 12 July 2014, And his Mobile No was Off i thought may be some small reason anyway i called him again 13th July 2014 Morning 11 AM. The Mobile was Still Off and then i tried reach Gagan Nanda & Gaurav Nanda Mobile number as well both we coming Off, now i got doubt so i asked my Friend to go to there Malviya Nagar Delhi Height and meet them, he went next day and saw that no is there the hotal was closed so he asked there local people and neighbor as well, The Entire story what they said to him i was shocked the Entire Yogesh Nanda Family his wife Poonam Nanda, Gaurav Nanda & Gagan Nanda flew from that Place.. after listening all this form my Friend i was frustrated on my self that i my self did a biggest mistake in my life without knowing there family background i become a Bank guarantor. After that i came next day and meet some people who was the Hotal Owner and he said all the incident that they Yogesh Nanda Family has done fraud of more than RS 3 to 5 Crore around since he is the hotel owner people used to come there and meet them only for asking any information about them . After that my Bank where i was working they started a legal process and they Filled a FIR against Yogesh Nanda Family in Malviya Nagar Police Station, and after that Bank cl amend me to repay as a Bank Employee i was the Guarantor so i don, t have choice to escape form this truth & fact, they started deducting from my Salary. Now the Entire Fraud Yogesh Nanda, Poonam Nanda, Family issue a Look out notice from Delhi Police Malivya Nagar. As per some there friend source we have the information that Entire Yogesh Nanda Family have left the country may be in USA or Canada, one of this closed Friend have information from they have come from Canada only may be once again after Cheating a Huge money they might settled in same place but not sure. I have some Pic which i got from there friends which also i will attached after this . Why i am posting this Blog that whatever i have faced a issue in my life someone else should be aware with this International Fraud Yogesh Nanda and there family . If you find this fraud family any where in world Please inform to Delhi Police Malviya Nagar POlice station immediately. As per the local source in Malviya Nagar they have cheated many Chit Fund Company, Friend, Bank, house owner and many people have the bounced check which was giving from Fraud Nanda Family Kindly request you to If you find Yogesh Nanda Fraud family inform to New Delhi Malviya Nagar Police station immediately. We are also trying to trace ogesh Nanda family in USA & Canada though the Embassy people

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