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Posted :Monday, May 24, 2010by Stephen Knowles Send Maill  Tell a Friend

Lost luggage

I left Toronto Feb. 5 2010 aboard Emirates Airline headed for Dubai, then Afghanistan. When I arrived in Dubai I was informed that my bag was still in Toronto and they reassuringly told me I would have it in Kabul Feb. 10 2010. Well the 10th came and went and it is now march 1 2010 and I still have no bag. To say the least I have been treated poorly to say the least. I work in the Canadian Embassy and working for almost 1 month without a change of clothes is DISPICABLE!!! Emirates doesn't seem too concerned at all where my bag is or even looking for it. They now blame Toronto and say its there. My wife has phoned twice daily trying to figure what the heck is going on, and she is no closer than I am. Dubai has not kept in contact with me, even tho I had given them my e-mail address and phone number at the embassy. I have worked all over the world and BY FAR this is the WORST airline I have ever travelled on. EMIRATES AIRLINES IS A DISAPPOINTING, RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES, THIS ISN'T THE LAST YOU HEARD FROM ME!!!

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1980 days ago by smc   [ Send Maill ]

OMG!!! This comment is intended for everybody that could have been mislead by STEPHEN KNOWLES - IN-FLIGHT SERVICE DIRECTOR AT AIR CANADA - who is - clearly - upset that AC did not get the Emirates route. His comment is so petty I choose not to comment it - but urge you to research the reason of his misplaced anger... Hint: If AC goes on strike in a very near future: He (surprisingly almost independently) is the one to blame. Mr Knowles - you are the despicable one...

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