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$99.49 was taken from my account without permission, i dont know what this company is or what their scam is exactly, but i am reporting it as a crime, it was obviously a planned crime to steal from random victims! My bank is investigating the fraud as well as government agencies! BE CAREFUL buying online! these people are overseas and apparently our government doesnt enforce any of its own laws to protect its taxpayers from overseas fraud!

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2055 days ago by Jennifer Deweese   [ Send Maill ]

I never even applied for a loan or anything else with these "people". Yet, they decided to take $99.49 out of my account last night. There isn't a number for them only an email. Maybe people should file a class action suit against these companies. I was hit by two others day before yesterday, USA Credit, and some kind of loan protection thing. Over $400.00 that was taken, and then you add $215.00 in overdraft charges. Fortunately, I have a good bank who takes care of garbage like this. I am now waiting to call about this latest one with this Platinum place. I am closing the account today, unfortunately that is the only option to get it to stop. And to be very, very careful about what you do online.

2135 days ago by Billie Taylor   [ Send Maill ]

How do you contact the vendor to get your money back. do they have a number. Another Rip-off artist is USACREDIT.COM related to www,dollarsonthenet.con,and US Gold. One mote

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Ponzi Scheme Ponzi Scam Investment Fraud