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No refund?!!

I had a meeting with 2 reps about 2 weeks ago and they took about 6 hours of my time explaining what Primerica was all about and how much money I could be making. So i signed the IBA packet thinking okay I could this. About 1 week later I do 2 observations and came to the conclusion that I didn't want to do this work, so I call my RVP and tell I want out before classes start and I have to completely register. Then I get a call saying I should just go to the classes since it was already paid, that's when I got frustrated. As I recalled my RVP said I wasn't registered yet until I signed some applicator at an orientation, but I never went to that?! So I ask my RVP for a refund but he tells me they can't since classes start in a couple days. But that doesn't make sense! I won't attending the classes not even on the first day! So what the hell does that mean? I hope I didn't just lose $124 on classes I won't even be taking!! I want my money back!!

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