sui northern gas piplelines limited peshawar   

Posted :Saturday, August 4, 2012by Ibrahim Khan Send Maill  Tell a Friend

original gas bill not recieving

Dear sir, from the last two month i not reciveing the original gas bill in due time i reciving the bill on wrong name not my name and then go to the net cafe and print out duplicate by payment if i not recieve the original bill in due time so i will be not responsible for payment therefore i request you to advise the distributor of gas billing to give me the original gas bill on my name not on wrong name if i recieved again the gas bill on wrong name so the distributor will be responsible of paymnet instead of me or the unpaid amount will come in the bill on my name which i not recieved the correct name bill so then i will be registered the case in the court because i am facing dificulties to recive the original gas bill on my name my data consumer no. 78494930007 Meter No. MR 03930149 old consumer No. 87300093257 Bill ID 784941576657 address ibrahim Khan S/O Fazal Reaheem Khan H/IN st.5 NR PCSIR LABS Shaheen Town jamrud Road Peshawar.

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1439 days ago by Asmat Yasmin   [ Send Maill ]

Salam: Dear sir my meter is not working. i have complain 10 times at the office but they don't giving any respone. my meter is not working also right now and the bill is so highly. Kindly help me and change our meter Thanks. our adress is : momin town dalazak road street 6 house 104 peshawar . Mobile number: 0300-5871969 Home Number 091-2650803

1477 days ago by Asmat Yasmeen   [ Send Maill ]

Dear Sir: It Is Requested To You That My Sui Gas Meter Is Not Working. Kindly Acept My Complaint Thanks.... Ph No # 0300-5871969 House # 104 Street # 6 Momin Town Dalazak Road Peshawar

1509 days ago by Shabir   [ Send Maill ]

Dear Sir: It Is Requested To You That My Meter Is Not Working So Kindly Change Our Meter. Momin Town Dalazak Road Peshawar Street #6 House #104

1558 days ago by hafiz farhat jamil   [ Send Maill ]

Dear Sir, Respected my name is hafiz Farhat Jmail and I am belong from Peshawar city. And I have 3 Marla house in Peshawar. My problem Is I have only 1 kitchen in my house. But last 57 months my gas bill Amount is high. And I complain 4/5 times near gas office but no response From sui northern gas office which is Eid Gah Road FaqirAbad Peshawar City ph : 9212882 . They just rite on bill STICKY METER. They just rite in gas bill previous-reading--------present-readind is 00000000 Therefore I request you kindly solve this problem.

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