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hi all, can anyone point us to the whereabouts of this agent RAYMOND LIAN HANSONG. he took off with our 2mos deposit and 1month advance. we moved in last sunday, 26th of june to the unit we supposedly paid for. imagine our surprise when we found out that its being rented out to other tenants bcoz our agent never paid the owner. worse, when i went to CEA i met other groups who fell victim of his scam

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2059 days ago by holler   [ Send Maill ]

@QW: shut d f*ck up! mind ur own business. we can always holler if we want to. heard of freedom of speech before?fyi, we did inform ur so-called appropriate authority.f it wont bring us anywer, then y r u threatened?

2059 days ago by Best Friend of ramond lian   [ Send Maill ]

Raymond is my best friend, i know him since secondary one. Even my money he also cheat. Not much around 1k but it sucks to be cheated by someone you trust. But anyway kudos to him for having such balls i never will have to pull off this stunts. May he never get caught. My brother. Take care. God Bless.

2060 days ago by brd   [ Send Maill ]

hi all, thanks for commenting. please also checkout we dont have any updates from the police yet, just that raymond has fled the country. i sure hope that the authorities would be able to track him down. i have always thought that singaporeans are law abiding citizens, indeed there will always be a rotten egg in every bunch. we are so wrong in letting our guards down. also, singapore is known for its stiff law, why would you risk it for that small amount? i would probably understand if he was able to amass millions!

2061 days ago by QW   [ Send Maill ]

Hey all!!! if you have any concerns please report to the appropriate authority and stop hollering about here. If anyone who is trying to claim a share of the pie dun be stupid. I strongly believe the appropriate authories will investigate and take any legal actions! Hence, please stop here! It doesnt bring you anywhere by complaining here!!!

2065 days ago by Jane   [ Send Maill ]

Hope this guy, RAYMOND LIAN HANSONG, will be imprisoned because of what he did to his victims. What he did was such a shame on his own country!!

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