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Real estate scam!

My name is Simone Giovanni, an Italian descent. For the past 5 years I have been traveling around Thailand. I have been to Hua Hin district, Ko Samui, Chiang Mai and more. I fall in love with the Thaiís culture to which I made a decision to purchase a small property in Thailand. September 1, 2015 around 5pm I was having my last bottle of beer of the day in Ravindra beach resort in Pattaya, a certain Alberto Torresini introduced himself to me, also an Italian decent! Good thing I found a comrade here. Alberto is actually an architect, the story he told me. We shared stories and experience in Thailand and he told me that he is married to a Thai woman. Having said that, I opened to him my plan of investing in a property here, luckily he said he is actually the owner of that sells properties in Thailand, I was glad! Someone can help me now. We exchange emails and contact numbers to end the day, he arranged an appointment if we could meet the next day for he may discuss to me some best proposed properties to buy, this time in a different resort somewhere in Avalon beach resort. On the next day, he brought his wife with him also happens the sales manager in her name her Ayara Chaichayookul. As he promised Alberto and his wife Araya showed their proposals it is a villa located in Hua Hin in the northern part of Thailand. The property cost 1,700,00 in Thai Baht. The price is actually too much for me and the fact that I donít really need a villa for myself, a small condo would do fine. However Alberto insisted that I donít have to worry about the money since they can lower the price to 1,000,000 BHT if I will agree to deposit 500,000 BHT. If I will deposit the half of the depreciated price I can move to the villa right after 5 days maximum. I was convinced! I brought out my chequebook and signed the 500,000 BHT. The deal was closed that very day. I was agitating to see my new villa in Hua Hin. The 5 days came, no phone call from Alberto nor Araya. No emails. I waited in a restaurant in Pattaya to which we agreed they will pick me up to see the property. I waited for nothing, I hoped for nothing. No Alberto and Araya are on sight. I was cheated. I was scammed. Until today, I lost my contact with them, I lost my money. I am writing this to warn everybody not to fall in Alberto and Arayaís trap. This is couple might still be somewhere in Thailand, I have already coordinated with Thailand government about this scam. Very soon their images will sprout on print ads and walls, with labels on their faces. SCAMMERS. To you Alberto and Araya, you can never get away with this.
Below are the contact information of Alberto Torresini and Araya Chaichayookul.
Phone: + 340 Ė 6050770

Email: + 66 - 983891969

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