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Repossed vehicle, stating 1 month behind

I purchased a 2009 Honda Accord in 2/2009, after leasing one in 2007. I accumalated mileage on the lease vehicle so the remainding amount that was owed was transfered to the 2009 vehicle and also I had to put a downpayment of $1500, in order to get the vehicle. I recently was divorced and was working 2 jobs, trying to make sure that I was able to make the payments had they exorted from me( $659.82)Thou my payment sometime were late, they were made. In oct of 2009 I lost my job, so I was not able to make the payments. Honda would contact me and my parents regarding the account, but would not work with us to come to reasonable agreement. 2 months later I recieved a call stating they would be repossing the vehicle. I quickly advised my parents who immediately paid the pass due balance inorder for me to Keep the car. Mind you the vehicle is in my mothers name and was a gift to help me move forward with my new life being single. After the car was paid up to date, in Jan 2010, my parents have continuosly have made my car payments. Today, I awoke to find that Honda had repossed my car stating that the account was in default.

I Spoke to Sam 1/31/2011@ 9am he was the rudest person I have ever encountered, stating that the car went into default in 3/2009 1 month after I just gave Honda $1500. So I quickly dismiss him, cause that made no sense, and called and spoke to Kristine, who said the account went deliquent in sept and they only recieved $ 582.22. I immediately called my father and his records indicated that the amount paid was the amount was agreed upon. Called back and spoke to Daphane, who was quite helpful, but when I asked her to fax info to parents, will lets say we are still waiting. I called back and left messages giving her the correct fax number and contact number nothing. I called back again, and spoke with Kristine, who advised me that there were 2 amounts on the check and they were authorized to extract the written amount and not the numerical amount on the check, but yet my father contact his financial institutiona dn they have stated the numerical amont was taking out. So where was the delinquency? She said the balance in aug-sept was $932.00 I asked why, she said from fee for the car..What fees. I still don't know. Also in order for me to get my vehicle I would to pay $23, 111.44 to get my car, plus repossesion fees, storage fees, and $50. to get anything I had in the car.I don't understand this, and how can a comapny exist with so many rude and uncooperative employees. Honda doesnt want to work with you they just want thier money. One rep stated that just cause the economy s bad, it's still my responsiblity to make my payments, and it's mine and my parents fault this happened. I have no car, I can't go look for employment cause I have no car, and where I live is to far out for city transortation to take me from one city to another to find work. Honda is the worst company I have ever dealt with. My father said this is " Predatory lending practices, where a company will finance you knowing that you at one point fall short of your commitement just so they can resale the car to some poor indiviual like me! I hope Honda rots for it practices!!!

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