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Requested Refund

Body Type Wellness
400 Cleveland st Ste 800
Clearwater, Florida
United States
Phone: 727-461-1070

I did not authorize Body Type Wellness to take $169.95 out of my bank account on 7/6/10. I did authorize them to debit $3.95 on 7/6/10!
I sent this product back to sender on 7/9/10 as well as speaking w/a customer service representative on 7/9/10 who informed me that I would have $84.97 put back into my bank account within 2-3 business days. Authorization # 1250331600. I called this company back on 7/16/10 after no refund, and spoke w/another rep. Amanda who said to wait another 2-3 business days...I called company back today 7/21/10 & spoke to a RUDE supervisor Ted Kruger at 727-461-1070, who said that if I try contacting this company again, he will NOT refund me my unauthorized charge of $169.95...I'm needing your help w/this scam company. I also have my bank manager at First Independent Bank of Nevada putting in fraudulent reporting in place.
Anything you can do, I'd very much appreciate.
This company is scamming people left &'s unfair!!!
Heather Russell

Diet Product   United States   comments

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Comments  :

1928 days ago by Dawn Corbett   [ Send Maill ]

I have also been scammed by this company to the tune of 160 on my debit card, my bank gave me the number to report this fraudulant claim and im waiting heir response. you have to contact the company for refund and then return their product for full refund, although im still waiting.

1973 days ago by Georgina McWilliams   [ Send Maill ]

Hi Heather I have just looked at my Credit Card bill and was so upset at seeing that Body Wellness has also taken a large amount from my account, and so has The Institute for Health & Wellness, I do not know what to do?? or who to contact. Please HELP!! with any contact details. Thank you Georgina

2005 days ago by Alan Snapes   [ Send Maill ]

I bought on special offer at 4.99 Lipo som and Beri capsuals from Body type Wellness they have they have since taken 63.57 and 87.00 from my credit card account without my permission. My credit card company spotted the anomaly and informed me and have stopped my Credit card and hopefully will refund my money. This company needs to be banned from trading on the internet.

2027 days ago by william denton   [ Send Maill ]

these people body type wellness i ordered item cost of 4-99 they charged this to my account and also addded on another order for 69-95 which i did not order im trying to get them to refund my money

2046 days ago by michael cable   [ Send Maill ]

I have also become a victim of this scam. Money has been taken from my account without authorization. A total of 150.00 British pouns. I have recieved another consinment of this product which I did not order. Should I return them?, this of course will have to cost me even more money. I cannot find a website for either Liposom or Beri ultimate Pro. Both companies are in the same site in Clearwater FL 33755/ 33756. Any advice would be welcome. I have stopped my card. Mik Cable

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