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This company claims to have personal coaches and an extensive library to teach some poor unsuspecting soul(like me) to learn eeverything about making loads of $$$ on an internet home business--and all this for only $5, 500, which includes the privilege of being "screened" by the boss. I have the website, but no coach and no communication to connect with me for an appointment( 5 weeks of half hour phone coaching) I am a retiree who needs to work to make ends meet--I was tatally scammed, and in my world, $5000+ extra credit card debt is no joke.

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2020 days ago by David Owens   [ Send Maill ]

VENSURE INTERNATIONAL IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM!!!!!! We signed up on a Monday. On Friday we got their first coaching call which lasted 5 mins, We got started with eBay (read this, do that. what have you got in the house that you can sell,etc)Nothing we hadn't already done on eBay ourselves. Then we were told to put our account on hold while they sorted out our US Websites and Businesses. They charged us ANOTHER $2500 to get the US Companies setup. After 8 WEEKS we called to find out what was happening. We were told eventually, that we could not set up a US Company as we did not have a US Bank Account. We could not get a US Bank account as we did not have a "presence" in the US. After much argument we got a refund of the $2500. As the business model is seriously flawed we tried to speak with Vensure International to cancel the programme. After 4 Weeks of phone calls we were told that they could not cancel the program because we had not requested a cancellation within the first 3 DAYS. They have $5000 from us for nothing. IT IS A TOTAL SCAM !!!!!

2053 days ago by Marjorie Smith   [ Send Maill ]

I have had a good experience with Vensure International. I have received the mentoring and support as well as the website. I was taught that Ebay is just a stepping stone, and the fastest way to get making money. Once I was selling on ebay I started setting up my website. I have found that everything I was promised, I received.

2062 days ago by William Alexander   [ Send Maill ]

I got caught by their sales pitch. I sent an overnight handwritten letter (UPS-$48.00) to tell them I did not want to do business with them. This was within three days of their on line contract. The letter was held up by customs for one day and delivered the following business day.Now they are ignoring me. Looks like it has all gone bad and they want to keep my $5645.00 dollars that they got me to raise my mastercard limit to get. They are crazy if they think I will ever give up. Thats my money and I got NOTHING for it!!

2068 days ago by Debbie   [ Send Maill ]

These people are very underhanded in their promises. They say they will coach you and you end up reading the Ebay sales manual that is on Ebay for free. There is a promise of website and tech support which are non existent and I can't even sign in to the web page with the password and sign on I was given so I am being charged for a big nothing. AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COST!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY TIME AND HEARTACHE!!

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