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Posted :Monday, November 1, 2010by Imani Send Maill  Tell a Friend

Scam / Fraudulent Selling

Another one bites the dust!! I was also caught out by Prosper's fradulent sellng tactics to the tune of $8450 in March 2010. All of which should have cost me nothing because my earing potential would have meant that I could pay off this credit card debt when it because due for payment. Right. Learn from my lesson. Please do not trust this company by believing a word from anyone associated with it. Within days I realised it was a scam. They hide behind legal paperwork that I have not seen and even now, 7 months later, I am only onto a promise of getting about 2/3 of the money refunded to my credit card only if I either (a) sign a gagging order (b) agree to them claiming that I have access to their on-line resources (possibly all free stuff available on the internet) and it's up to me whether I use it or not. Well I am so sceptical at this stage I assume that they are just trying to gag me in another way. You know, if there service was so bad, then why would I agree to have continued access to something that is of no use to me whatsoever and will be costing me $2100!?

Prosper is something else. There are losts of comments about them on this site. It's a pitty I did not do any research on them before allowing myself to be bamdoozled into this very expensive and stressful situation. All because I wanted a way of earing an income for my family whilst facing redundancy in these difficult times. What makes Propser belelive that they have a right to steal from hard working trusting people?

Live and learn from our mistakes and pass this on to others. Prevention is better than cure. They need to be prevented from continuing along this line of daylight robbery of law abiding folks!

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