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Posted :Thursday, January 20, 2011by Fosters Send Maill  Tell a Friend

Scam company

They commit FRAUD by bidding low on projects they know they cannot possibly complete. Then, they waste your time with a "project manager" that has no idea what he is talking about and put up some static HTML page mock-up. Then, they will come back and tell you that whatever project you are trying to accomplish is impossible and the only way to do it will be to use whatever programming language you are not using which will cost much more. Then they will require a larger deposit and when you're not willing to pay it, they will convince you to cancel your project. Awarding ANY projects or paying ANY money to these SCAM ARTIST is not only a waste of money but will severely delay your project and waste more of your time than you can ever imagine. If they bid on your project, you're better off paying these SCAM ARTIST money to leave you alone. This company is a complete SCAM.

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1490 days ago by Shane_dude   [ Send Maill ]

I'm a huge Android fan, and knew that the Android marketplace needed to be the home of my new app. Unlike other companies that specialize in iOS, smartData showed a huge knowledge base for developing for Android. Even as an android "expert", I learned a lot just by working with smartData to develop my app.I would recommend them to work again in near future.

1917 days ago by Pawan Thakur   [ Send Maill ]

Good After noon Sir , I am a final year student i just read a few complaints about this company named smartData Enterprises.This company is about to visit our campus for recruitment should i go with this company or not . please reply asap thank you in advance

1917 days ago by Team - HotComplaints   [ Send Maill ]

Hi, It is not required to bother, if it is a campus recruitment. If they misbehave, it will ruin their reputation heavily. so they will deal carefully with educational institutions. Just join the job if you get. if there is any problem you can relieve them at any time you wish. you can very well understand their business operation with in 1 or 2 months. Regards, Team - HotComplaints

1937 days ago by K   [ Send Maill ]

I had exactly the same experience as Fosters...SmartData has just about ruined my business. They looked great on Odesk, but they have been an absolute nightmare to work with. They ran out all of my money in two months ($5500 USD) and provided nothing but a static website that didn't work at all. Then asked me for more money. I had to beg and threaten and plead over and over to get them to finish the site for what they quoted me. They could not do anything I asked them to do right, it took me at least ten times of trying my best to explain things as simple as "center this text on the page" or "use the same font throughout" or "don't put a space before any punctuation". Everytime they'd fix something, they'd mess something else up. There were so many bugs in the site, and they are some still there that I'm scared to ask them to fix for fear they'll break something else. The site was promised to be done in two months, it took 25 months before they could get it to barely work. Now I've been told my numerous other developers that it's so messed up in the background that nobody will work on it, so I'm stuck with a site that can't be updated unless I want to risk having SmartData break it again. Not only that, I've just been severly hacked and they put malware all through the site. Upon trying to contact SmartData for a back up copy, I've been ignored. It's cost almost $1000 more to fix the damage done to my site by the hackers, and the people that are fixing say that whoever did this to me has my passwords to be able to gain such high access that they changed all of the file permissions, etc. Nobody else at all has these passwords except me and SmartData. And this is of course after SmartData assured me that my site was secure. I cannot discourage you enough not to go with SmartData. Maybe they're ok for a basic site, but as far as anything more complicated than a static site, they promise you and convince you they can do it, but they haven't got a clue. I also found out from someone that was fired from SmartData that they scammed me into hiring a "Fresher" that was being trained on my I was paying for two people at a time (supposedly because it would get done twice as fast), but one of the people was actually just in training and I was paying for it, both in time and money. They are polite people, that will promise you the world and agree with everything you say, but they do not think of a single thing on their own accord, they don't have any common sense, they don't have very advanced skills, and they don't really understand English that well.

1966 days ago by Steve   [ Send Maill ]

Hi John, You are looking for someone with anonymous complaint. Do you see something fishy here. I have been working with smartData for more than 5 years and found that they are really professionals.The company tops on oDesk and Elance client base. Not only this, they started with 2 professionals and this year they are likely to touch team of 500 professionals . Do give a second thought before actually making your final decision. Did you check with the company as well ? This could be poor publicity by some competitor..Oops I am too verbose. Cheers and Best for your projects.

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