LGT & LLB & Etc. or Liechtensteinís Profit- Scam- Information !!   

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According many publications, LLB declares a huge profit increase
for the first 6 Months of 2012 of about CHF 62 Mn compare the
years ago same period as an increase of about CHF 47 Mn.
According LLB, this result achieved by reduction of job-employees
to save CHF 20 Mn and the rest by profits of Clients- Investment
on the increasing international Stocks- Markets NYSE, NASDAQ,
Etc., this just luckily as out of LLB Hands control or decisions.

Do they really reduce the number of employees because they
have so much more to do ? ? ?

New Fresh Money they mentioned just received CHF 2 Mn only,
for resulting officially not in the minus they are in-officially.
The CHF 2 Mn compare the total Clients-Assets of CHF 48 Bn
they still holding as they say, represents an increase of 0.004166 %
only and the profit- amount of only CHF 62 Mn is Meaningless.
Maybe some House-Wives or Poor- Farmers on LLBís request
deposited the last money to improve the Accounting-Numbers.

Additionally LGT & LLB Scam-Talking about the increasing
Liechtenstein Finance Place they so successfully invest in
as they say ! In Reality the Finance Place is reducing.

But naturally they do not talk about since May- June 2012 started
outflow lost of Clients- Money or Assets, according Insider-Information
and Swiss-News at a daily rate of between $/CHF 30 - 200 Mn !


Liechtenstein to Trust, like this for Sure Not !

Sentiment : LLB Stocks on Strong Best Sell !

PS 1. : At August 9, 2012 Trading-Session. Of 5 main LLB- Stock increasing
has 4 been made by LLB itself as Insider- Trading.
But this LLB behavior will not last for long !
At August 10, 2012 Trading-Session. The LLB- Stock started in the minus
below CHF 30.50 as result LLB intervened by buying 1000 Stocks at CHF
30.85 to simulate a bullish impression for the general Investors and waited for
others to follow, but did not follow to increase it further, contrary it went down
to CHF 30.50 after some time and up again to CHF 30.80 and down again
to CHF 30.50 and as always at Trading-Time PM 5:29 LLB quickly at Best-Buy
is purchasing 50 - 100 LLB- Stocks to get a final increase at PM 5:30 or PM
5:31 also to achieve the impression of closing higher than the opening and
by that just also fooling any computer- analyzing programs to create the
Buy-IF sentiment. If we see the graphics of the last two weeks the CHF 30.50
can be seen as sideway- line LLB is protecting by any insider trading tricks !

For example, LLB itself is 1. producing the selling- order for 1000 LLB- Stocks
at CHF 30.85 and as 2. next step LLB is producing a buying order of 1000
LLB- Stocks at CHF 30.85 and the deal is made and the LLB- Stock shows
a plus of CHF 0.35 to gimmick demand or a bullish- sentiment for the
general Investors and as 3. step LLB is producing buying orders as back-up
at CHF 30.50 or CHF 30.45 !
As 0. Precondition Step, LLB at first is naturally checking the Traders- List
of LLB Stock Orders of Buy- and Sell- Orders, for then resulting to decide
the application of its above 3 Step- Procedure of Insider- Trading to follow.
Anybody having also Level II Trader- List access, which is costly, can see
all information such as Who and Which- Stock at which Numbers- and Price-
Conditions has placed Orders or When Sold, by only Best-Buy or Best-Sell
Orders not listed, because as impossible cannot before carried-out be listed
and therefore will only be listed as too late for others possibly to do any
price- adjustments, when the Best- Orders been carried-out as Surprise !

To preserve objective real Stock- Value, thatís the reason why I introduced
as ideal- compromise the ďPartial Best- SellĒ procedure, for the LLB- Stock
now before too late to sell, it means selling the LLB- Stock at many Steps
or Packages of only 600 - 1000 Stocks by watching the following trading to
decide the next Best- Sell of only 600 - 1000 Stocks and this procedure until
the complete LLB- Portfolio is sold to get out of Liechtenstein as necessary !
By this and for principally any Stock, the Insider- Trading Criminals or
Strategists or Computer- Trading has no Chance to adjust, because at any
time its just surprising, because already carried-out when become to know.

Sorry, but to be objective and for the best money or value efficiency, it
is necessary to give the Advice to any Investor for any Stock which is
traded only in Switzerland, to Get Out Or Never Purchase, because according
international trading- laws as by any EU or US or Japan Stock- Markets
applied, the behavior of Liechtenstein / Switzerland is legalized Criminal
Insider Trading, but they call that only according its Sovereign Nation ( Yes,
of Criminals according International Laws for good Investors Protection ! ).
Beside all detailed described proven Problems and resulting very dark soon
Future, this also for any Investors to concentrate on any real markets outside
of Liechtenstein or Switzerland and for preserving good concentration ability
and nerves, just appreciating only the good Swiss- Chocolate by smaller
doses and its quality Watches to support good timings.

Under todayís reduction by daily Clients Money & Assets out-flow lost
by the CHF Millions in increasing direction as above confirmed, LLB to
cheat Investors can not apply its criminal Stock- Price- Manipulation
Insider- Trading activity for a long time !
Important is only to get out of LLB- Stocks and Fonds, Etc. anything related
to Liechtenstein as quick as possible.

Best Regards to all Investors


PS 2. : About Swiss-News, try also to read NZZ or BZ or Weltwoche or
Swiss- Bankers Association Up-Dates & Discussions, Etc. for some partial
reconfirmations its interesting to complete the mosaic, but they mainly in
German written I luckily can also understand or if you know somebody
who lost the job by LGT & LLB to save salary- costs.

To this consider also the ďLGT & LLB & Etc. Banks - Liechtenstein
Conclusion & Attention !Ē publication.

LGT & LLB & Etc. Banks - Liechtenstein Conclusion & Attention ! !

US Tax- Evasion Problems ! - Jewish $ 95 Bn Compensation !

Next US No.2 LLB Complete Information Request of US- Citizens Bank-
Accounts ( Amtshilfegesuch ) at preparation stage ( Source US Gov. ).
When the present US by No.2 to No.X procedures completed with LLB,
then if not already before, it gets all repeated at the LGT Group AG.
When the US has completed all procedures, then it will be complete !

According findings an US criminal investigation against LLB is ongoing
and when the Offshore- Banks later included, it gets only worse up-to
Prohibition for Handling or Acting with the US- Dollar. The US Justice
Department initially mentioned this as a possibility to be considered.
There is already a Prohibition for the Liechtenstein Monarch or his Family
Members to enter the USA. ( According US Justice & State Department. )

The completion of all US procedures can take about 2 - 3 years, with
very certain outcome verdicts to expect much worse than to imagine !
At US procedures of about 2 - 3 years will be several negative interim-
results published as procedures up-dates of its Tax- Evasion Matters by
at each publication a Stocks or Fonds value reduction of 10 - 30 % !
Additionally and parallel the Jewish $ 95 Bn Compensation Request
which also needs its completion by the payment of Liechtenstein !
Plus as only possible at the Swiss-Stock-Market SIX or SWX legalized
Insider- Trading by LLB itself manipulating its LLB Stock- Price !

On top of it the Threads from the Monarchs also causing instability !

Under such conditions resulting, before it now gets worse, any cautious or
well experienced Investors will now immediately Go-Out of any Liechtenstein
related matters such as LLB- Stocks, LGT & LLB Fonds, Certificates, Bonds,
Obligations, Etc. or any Money deposited there ! To Stay Out !
For afterwards just watching it until all US procedures and investigations
verdicts or final confirmations are completely presented, for accordingly
much later new to evaluate and see whatís may up in the future.

Now is also the right moment to get OUT of any Swiss- Franks Based
middle- to long- term Investments, because the Banking- Secret is soon
for all foreign Clients been eliminated and as result the Swiss-Franks CHF
will receive a huge Attraction- and Value- Lost as Never Before ! !

PS : Just to be aware off, nobody from Europe or USA like to give
LGT & LLB Banks money anymore, contrary, thatís why they so desperately
try to expand to Asian Regions as Singapore, Thailand, China, India, Etc.
as continuation for instead also to abuse the very nice peoples there !
According high-level Connections is confirmed, that the Asians have already
enough banks by themselves and therefore not interested to get LGT or LLB
and sure not for just experiencing the same as by Europeans or Americans.

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