LGT & LLB Banks Liechtenstein - Scam Abused Stolen $ 12 Mn !!   

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Investor Alert - LLB Liechtensteinische LandesBank AG,
Ticker Symbol: LLB ( SWX:CH ) and LGT Group AG, Etc.

A bank- customers forum to mention, discuss or show evidences based facts,
experiences and exchange of opinions or resulting advises related with LLB,
to preserve essential bank- customers interests, prosperities and properties.

1. Part of July 2009 , issued by 6 Points of totally 10 Points

At first publication 1. Part are the Points 1., 2., 3., 4., 9., 10. only be used.
The other points in accordance of the situation with LLB by additional one
by one point parts published as gradually completion supplements to follow,
possibly also attached with digitally scanned original evidence documents.

General Topics, Advices and Experiences :

1. At bank-account opening, better not signing anything as under “Unter den
Konditionen der Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedigungen” the “General LLB Busi-
ness Conditions”, or sign with the exclusion of its “General LLB Business
Conditions” Articles 12., 13., 14., 16. and 19. as to be negotiated, to avoid
later LLB mishandlings or LLB’s bank- customers financial abuse. Prior any
signing consult your own experienced legal advisor to avoid any later very
expensive surprises and complications, where your financial fortune is at
risks by tricks to be made lost for you for them just to become richer.
Myself within 48h after signing, did partially recall/withdraw my signature at
all above mentioned five Articles. The international UN Human Rights Laws
which Liechtenstein did also sign on, is allowing within 30 days to withdraw
or recall any signatures at any business- contracts without any exceptions
including any bank- contracts, etc. It will be interesting to find-out if the
Liechtenstein justice will apply as obliged the international UN Human
Rights they a long time ago did sign on, or if they still preferably preserve
some illegal holes for some in the LI- banking sector. However when
necessary its possible by an appeal to the international court in France
Strasbourg, for free of charge, for by its resulting verdict to enforce the
law Liechtenstein obliged to apply. The international highest law is also
deciding, no respond as silent- acceptance, that’s what the LLB did. In
return I got verbally informed by LLB that if they do not replay within 24h
it would be accepted and I received no replay and when I later in writing
insisted to receive a replay in writing, I did also not receive any replay
from LLB.
After knowing LLB, its no surprise, that when they later at middle of June
2009 constructed some too greedy unspecified requests in un-legitimated
punishment stile against myself after my letter to them of June 16, 2009
and also ignored above modification of the business- contract with LLB
made by my letter of March 8, 2009 and others.

2. Never sign any un-specified, un-detailed general credit- or security- agree-
ment- forms, where the purpose or financial amount is also not defined.
To easy when the stock- market or stocks become volatile, LLB by its “just
as they like principles” as experienced, will may block you completely and
illegally generalize it just to get your money by even ignoring any legitima-
ted compensations or conditions from your side, if you have some by LLB
mishandlings, etc. and will not offering or allowing you to change critical
stocks into any other stocks as not so critical with also a good prosperity
such as for example GE, Citi Group, Ford, Google, Etc., and by this will not
provide you any opportunity to recover, but contrary by the LLB extreme
greed and ignorance about the general situation for you to lose your
financial fortune is easy possible. How to trust LLB ? ? ?

By similar systematically illegal tricks of them as explained herein, in 2010
an American Jewish Family Father made suicide, because they stolen his
complete family fortune of about $ 5 Millions ! ! !

3. Never trust any verbal LLB promise or introduction without having anything
prior in writing signed by their LLB Director. For example when they mention
about the LLB stocks dealing- fee, do not believe them when they say it’s
a matter of negotiation but up-front would need to be discussed with it’s
managing directors to inform you by return. That’s only a escape to do
nothing and for you continuingly unknown ( unknown if you have as forei-
gner the usual order- agreement signed for just keeping monthly- account
statuses or related usual correspondences as in your depot until your
recall. ), get charged with old- fashion, unknown extreme high expenses.
The LLB staffs in the private banking section has a % bonus from the
dealing- fees and resulting for the same matters, but not handled by the
same staff it could varying from 0.5 - 1.25% for the benefit of the staff
and the bank to get richer and by this its under the LLB interests of
keeping the dealing- fees possibly unknown as extremely too high, especially
if you dealing by high stock and money volumes as I did !
This instead of today in the banking- field commonly and stock- volume
independent applied fix trading- or ticket- fees of about USD 100 - 200 per
stock- deal plus 0.15% Gov.-Tax and int. 0.05% Broker- Fee in places such
as Switzerland or Liechtenstein. If you don’t have the same price conditions,
or even better at any bank, then you better change the bank- connection
for your own financial prosperity and for not surprisingly losing your money.

The main responsible Director of LLB is admitting, that they have a trading-
fee problem to solve compare to other banks today to compete, but in
reality will do nothing about it when it becomes serious or when also for
this topics several criminal investigation are ongoing.

4. With LLB it’s better not to sign any usual monthly account statements- or
correspondence- keeping order- agreement. When any problems may occur
they will abuse this, as experienced, for unknown, uninformed also not by
any phone- call, to change or erase conditions on before signed and by
receiving as OK approved documents and declaring it also as mailed to
you, by for you unknown just putting it into your depot inside the bank,
or LLB issue’s faked orders with your name on, you have never known or
too late seen about. All this very surprising just to create any unjustified
financial advantages for LLB only and as totally against your property.
Or too late you will know about the topics as explained at below point 6.
Documents proving this can also be publicly presented at any later moment.

9. To all above, if the financial fortune or property gets lost by illegal and/or
ignorant LLB mishandlings as here explained, then naturally legal actions
been applied, possible suing and public court procedures are pending and
criminal investigations against LLB are presently ongoing.
Some other legal cases by other parties against LLB are also as ongoing.

It seems Liechtenstein itself by his Majesty, don’t won’t to clean-up its
financial sector to improve its image and resulting the nation’s future.

LLB not surprisingly is still believing its enough for them, by just informing
anybody that anything they did is just as in accordance of any laws or
contract conditions, this for them to defend themselves, instead for their
own wrong doing to get clean by just applying the taped phone conver-
sations or proper compensations for the bank- customers and LLB’s own
future to keep as preserved.
Mr. Bischof the main responsible LLB director for this matters is approving
all the actions and handlings made by himself and his LLB- Team as herein
explained and resulting is just waiting for the results of any criminal investi-
gations, where he is a part of, before considering or approving any reason-
nable necessary compensations to its harmed and abused customer as

By this forum, about any further procedures and results or investigations,
by other up-to-dated forum versions or supplements will continuing be
informed about. By later completion versions, some more existing LLB
confirmation evidences will be presented and possibly also documents
by digital- photos or scanned will possibly also be attached, but written
in German not everybody can understand.
Journalists or reporters from internationally well recommended institutions
will may also later be informed or engaged at this matter.

If surprisingly positive aspects occur at LLB it also will be informed about.

The business relation with LLB starting from March 6, 2009 did last only
four months, by initially starting warm, but with all as above mentioned the
relation naturally at middle of June 2009 when I by LLB unreasonable
became totally blocked and sabotaged, but specially since beginning of
Juli 2009 when they un-legitimated did take my property, it reached today’s
All of this happens at a moment in June 2009 when I could easy buy a
stock from a company under chapter 11 without any problems or remarks
from LLB side, but afterwards they complained about and constructed an
abusing situation against me and this objectively at a over-all calculated
effective USD account status June 2009 of about only minus / plus USD
50’000.- to know !
And the provided requested security for a former smaller USD 300’000.-
lombard-credit, they afterwards ignored the security and additionally the
related conditioned document after signing and LLB’s own confirmation
as accepted OK stamp and sign, they four months later by hand writings
falsificated the conditions on the document, this all for illegally and
resulting criminally to change the conditions just for themselves to
construct the right to steal my money and additionally also blocked
me from any further Investors activities at any stock-markets !

LLB last year lost 25% in profit as published by them, this when other
good banks in the same period made a plus profit of 20 - 50%.
This also explains why such kind of situations as above at points 1.
to 9. by its facts could occur or resulting need to be considered.

10. If you have any similar or different experiences with LLB you may like to
exchange in either German or English, do not hesitate to replay to this
web- side forum. By this maybe we can also help each others at any
legal cases to coordinate.

Best Regards, SHALOM

Someone with clean and tax- paid money who became scam-abused
by the LLB, which don’t like to see others just experiencing the same
as I’m and who likes to see Liechtenstein clean one day.
Like this the LLB owned by LGT or the Monarch of Liechtenstein by
criminal tricks did steal over $ 12 Mn of my own retirement money.

LGT & LLB & Etc. Banks - Liechtenstein Conclusion & Attention ! !

US Tax- Evasion Problems ! - Jewish $ 95 Bn Compensation !

Next US No.2 LLB Complete Information Request of US- Citizens Bank-
Accounts ( Amtshilfegesuch ) at preparation stage ( Source US Gov. ).
When the present US by No.2 to No.X procedures completed with LLB,
then if not already before, it gets all repeated at the LGT Group AG.
When the US has completed all procedures, then it will be complete !

According findings an US criminal investigation against LLB is ongoing
and when the Offshore- Banks later included, it gets only worse up-to
Prohibition for Handling or Acting with the US- Dollar. The US Justice
Department initially mentioned this as a possibility to be considered.
There is already a Prohibition for the Liechtenstein Monarch or his Family
Members to enter the USA. ( According US Justice & State Department. )

The completion of all US procedures can take about 2 - 3 years, with
very certain outcome verdicts to expect much worse than to imagine !
At US procedures of about 2 - 3 years will be several negative interim-
results published as procedures up-dates of its Tax- Evasion Matters by
at each publication a Stocks or Fonds value reduction of 10 - 30 % !
Additionally and parallel the Jewish $ 95 Bn Compensation Request
which also needs its completion by the payment of Liechtenstein !
Plus as only possible at the Swiss-Stock-Market SIX or SWX legalized
Insider- Trading by LLB itself manipulating its LLB Stock- Price !

On top of it the Threads from the Monarchs also causing instability !

Under such conditions resulting, before it now gets worse, any cautious or
well experienced Investors will now immediately Go-Out of any Liechtenstein
related matters such as LLB- Stocks, LGT & LLB Fonds, Certificates, Bonds,
Obligations, Etc. or any Money deposited there ! To Stay Out !
For afterwards just watching it until all US procedures and investigations
verdicts or final confirmations are completely presented, for accordingly
much later new to evaluate and see what’s may up in the future.

Now is also the right moment to get OUT of any Swiss- Franks Based
middle- to long- term Investments, because the Banking- Secret is soon
for all foreign Clients been eliminated and as result the Swiss-Franks CHF
will receive a huge Attraction- and Value- Lost as Never Before ! !

PS : Just to be aware off, nobody from Europe or USA like to give
LGT & LLB Banks money anymore, contrary, that’s why they so desperately
try to expand to Asian Regions as Singapore, Thailand, China, India, Etc.
as continuation for instead also to abuse the nice peoples there !
According high-level Connections is confirmed, that the Asians have already
enough banks by themselves and therefore not interested to get LGT or LLB
and sure not for just experiencing the same as by Europeans or Americans.

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