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Supportrix destroyed my operating system

BEWARE SUPPORTRIX.COM!! They were referred to me by Cisco/Linksys who was fixing my router. I trusted them, being such a big name. Linksys told me I needed to "clean up" my computer and transferred my call to Supportrix. They gave me the hard sell, though my computer seemed fine after the router was fixed. I agreed to let them optimize my computer remotely, and they said it would take an hour or two. After 16 hours, they let go of my computer, but it was missing key files, and as soon as I rebooted I got nothing on my screen but a message that Windows couldn't load because files were missing or corrupted. I proceeded to work with them to try to get it repaired, which included some creepy moves like using a bit torrent version of windows to try to reinstall my operating system (which didn't work and endangered another computer). All my files were at risk because they had not advised me to back up my computer before doing their thing, which they made sound safe, simple and routine. I ended up spending hours every day, day after day after day.

A month later, I've spent almost 100 hours between working with them to "fix" the computer, working around not having a computer (or scanner, fax, printer), getting my data retrieved as much as I could, buying a new computer, trying to contact them and negotiating with them to refund my money (which they refused) and to compensate me for the HUGE cost this has been to me between lost data, lost work time, lost computer and enormous frustration, and stress. They have been very hard to reach with either phone or email. They have admitted responsibility and claimed to be willing to send me a check for my expenses, but I have gotten nothing from them. I even had to get the money I paid them back through my credit card. This company is the most incompetent, unethical, criminal company I hope I ever encounter!

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