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Taking Money from Bank Account

Feb 15, 2011 signed Merchant Services Agreement with Canadian Payment Services & Terminal Equipment Lease Agreement with NLS Leasing. Received a Terminal & on March 1st our Canadian Payment Services rep. Les Rogers came to set up the Terminal & said the wrong terminal was shipped. Les phoned Canadian Payment Service in New York & spoke with Frank ((1-866-827-5370 ext. 7452). Frank said he would have the Terminal picked up & the correct one delivered. March 11th Money taken from our Bank Account, Terminal not picked up or replaced, services not activated & no response from Canadian Payment Services. March 16th Canceled the Agreement with Canadian Payment services for merchant services & Terminal Lease. March 25th & March 31st more money withdrawn from our Bank Account. Stop payments have been placed. First Data the Merchants Services processor told me that Milenium was our merchant services provider not Canadian Payment Services & that First Data was not affiliated with Canadian Payment Services.

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1852 days ago by Boycott   [ Send Maill ]

First Data and their partner Canadian Payment Services tried to defraud me. So I made a webpage and facebook about it.

2070 days ago by Wendy   [ Send Maill ]

In April/ 11 A sales rep from MSI want me to sign with his company his agreement was there would-be no fees to get out of my current company (Direct cash as he had worked for them before), $300 to get out of Monaris to which they would reimburse me $250 and I would have no application fees. So I signed. I then had customers in my small home based Archery Business and upon leaving he said I have one more thing for you to sign. I know "stupid " but I signed. Then a month later there were moneys taken out of my account that should not be and I find that he can not get me out of my original company Monaris and Direct Cash. He said he was in lots of trouble for agreeing to this verbal agreement of us . So I called to cancel. Well after much persuasion they said they would cancel my ticket and send a courier to pick up the NLS machine. Nothing happened. I went over that persons head and talked to another person who said yes my ticket had been cancelled and there would be big trouble that the machine had not been picked up. Nothing happened. Meanwhile I cancelled my bank account of 30 years so no more money would be removed and I contacted yet another person at MSI who also in the beginning of conversation said sure she would send us a tag to have the machine picked up then when I asked if I could have NLS call her as I was sick of their call she retracted her statement and said oh they are a lease and that she would look into it. We called again and she said we would have to fill out a Account closure request form. Well up until now we had been told that our account had been closed. I am sending a copy of the form. I would like to bring to you attention 3rd paragraph where they say they recommend we read our Merchant agreement- Up until Yesterday we never had a copy of any agreement and then they send pages we had never seen before. also 4th paragraph they say we were responsible to contact providers for termination. We only signed on with MSI ( they use NLS as their provider) and they did not fulfill their part of the agreement therefore they should cancel all providers. and the paragraph just above where we are to sign it states that even after signing the terms and conditions are still in effect. I do not understand that. I have read on line many many pages of people being scammed by NLS and they just ruin your credit and lives.. I do not know where to go with this so if you have any suggestions please help. Plus I want to know if these companies do have ratings? Thanks You Wendy Meyers 604-859-2086 ACCOUNT CLOSURE REQUEST FORM Email: (form must be physically signed and scanned into email) Fax # 631-270-3974 In compliance with Visa and Mastercard security standards, this request must be submitted in writing before we can terminate the account. 1-We recommend that you review the terms and conditions of your Merchant Agreement BEFORE terminating. 2-**NOTE: The following account providers need to be contacted DIRECTLY if termination is desired: American Express Check processor Giftcard processor eCommerce gateway provider (eg., Verisign, etc.) REQUIRED INFORMATION: Business name (DBA):____________________________________________________ Your name:__________________________________________________________ Title:_________________________________ Phone:___________________________ Email address:___________________________________________________________ 11 Digit Merchant ID# ____________________________________________________ Please explain why you are choosing to terminate your Merchant Account: 3-By signing below, I authorize MSI Canada Inc. or its affiliate to fulfill the above request in connection with my Merchant Account, and understand that all applicable and surviving terms and conditions of the Merchant Agreement remain in effect. Hi! What can we do. We are another company that got sucked it by being made promises if we signed with MSI who use NLS and then pretend there in no affiliation with them at all. We just signed a month or so ago but we live in Canada so guess they have spread to here Lucky us. We cancelled out bank account so they can no longer take out money and they call daily and we finally got one to talk civil and put our account on hold to give us a bit of time before going to collection then went to call him today to see what kind of deal we could make and find he is fired. When I talked to him he said he was only allowed to give his first name. Where DID this company come from and HOW can they stay in business. Does Visa and Master card and debit companies not know what they are doing??? I am really ticked at all this. Anyway thanks for listening. and if you have any more info that might be helpful. Appreciated Wendy X_________________________________________________ Date________________ Owner / Officer

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