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Total Fraud

From my searching I have found that it's not just a few unsavory dealers associated with Alibaba at the root of the Fraudulent activities but Alibaba seems to be the Fraud itself. People out there trying to make money through dealings with Chinese companies are subsequently fleeced of there funds in a crewel manor. You can get the names of as many Alibaba companies as you want to find the best price, most likely you will be emailing these so called companies thinking you are talking to innocent young women who wouldn't hurt a fly but you are not. You will agree to a price and sent an invoice to which you have to forward money through Western Union or wire transfer. In my case the product was supposed to be shipped, in most cases there is no shipment others that do get shipped will be junk. If you actually do receive anything and told to ship it back for exchange you will see nothing come back. Alibaba is a well orhistrated scam from China to fleece anyone trusting enough to to think they are dealing with reputable companies only to just throw their money into the wind. I have yet to understand why Chinese authorities have not tried to shut it down as the only thing I forsee is that people wanting to do business with legitamite Chinese companies will not know who to trust and stop. Anybody who sees the name Alibaba should turn and run like hell. If I knew enough about computer programming I would be trying to setup some sort of redflag program so if somebody typing in Alibaba a big red stop sign would flash in their face. I too was taken by them and after complaining I had not gotten one of their associates when it was them that provided the names to me. Run hard and run fast when you see Alibaba.

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1988 days ago by Team Alibaba   [ Send Maill ]

I work for, and it is not a scam site, it is essentially a business directory and open online b2b marketplace. takes the issue of fraud very seriously and we have strict policies in place to deal with it. If you haven't already, please submit your dispute here: Our Online Security Department will initiate an investigation as soon as they receive sufficient information about your case and they will keep you informed on the status of the investigation throughout the process. Once you have filed your complaint and, if your complaint is substantiated, the supplier you dealt with will be immediately removed and banned from our platform. I also wanted to highlight our Fair Play Fund. Established in early 2010, the Fair Play Fund is the first program of its kind to take the fees from an supplier’s membership and use that money to offset buyer losses if that supplier commits fraud. If a China Gold Supplier is removed from based on a confirmed case of fraud, the remainder of their Gold Supplier fee is added to the Fair Play Fund, which is supplemented by cash from If a buyer suffers fraud from a China Gold Supplier, they are able to apply for a portion of these funds based on the amount of the transaction. If you would like details on how the fund works, please follow this link: If you suspect fraud from a China Gold Supplier, please contact customer service immediately at The customer service team will then provide instructions on verifying fraud and applying for the fund. We also recommend that you visit our Safety & Security center for more information on how to protect yourself in international trade:

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