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Posted :Tuesday, July 5, 2011by Lynne Morrow Send Maill  Tell a Friend

unauthorised billing

paid for trial only did not authorise for 130 to be taken from my account. want this money returned product is rubbish. bank is now involved

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1616 days ago by sue   [ Send Maill ]

Had the same done to me did you get your money back?

1820 days ago by shaky   [ Send Maill ]

I ordered for the free trial today but after reading these complaints i called the number that Victoria gave above and the lady told me i could not cancel my order until after receiving the products. then i received an email to confirm my order and there is a website that you can visit to view the terms and condition: , when i opened the website found a UK number that you can call from 06.00am - 06.00 pm i called and cancelled the order 0207-979-7832. I hope that's the end

1847 days ago by victoria   [ Send Maill ]

I too have just purchased beri now tablets online. They had advertised through a well known Scottish news paper. I called the company 3 hours after placing my order to cancel my free trial. They said that I could not cancel until I recieved my tablets and returned them to them within 30 days of my order. They could not even say how long it would take the tablets to get here. Contacted my bank and cancelled my card and gave them details to pass to there fraud dept. Just hoping this is enough to stop them taking any more monies from my account. The details I have for the company is tel no 01213459889 and 0018552562876 (Florida number). Company name given to me is Global Fulfillment, 400 Cleveland st, 3800 Clear Water, Florida, 33755. I hope this helps any of you that need this info for your banks.

1856 days ago by claire maguire   [ Send Maill ]

I have recieved my 'Beri slim ultra pro' today and am still waiting for 'Bio somatic cleanse'. I too had to pay for 'shipping' fees which I thought was 'fair enough'. I'm so glad I found these sites as I am now able to inform my bank to hopefully stop any hefty charges. I have seriously learnt my lesson and wont purchase over the net EVER again! WHAT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE USUALLY IS!!!! BEWARE

1862 days ago by t clarke   [ Send Maill ]

i too have been scammed by this for 140+ contacted cc company who said they would re-emburse me for anything that was taken from my account after i had contacted them. the capsules beri utimate could possibly contain anything so want flushed down the sink as if the company cannot be trusted, how could you also trust the product! these companies along with countless more want our hard earned cash, at any cost. i will be more carefull with my money next time i use my card and will call this 'a lesson learned.

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