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Unsatisfactory customer service

My mother and i went to the drive thru and ordered substantial amount of food, Including a bean burrito. Tasha (the manager) specifically asked if i wanted sour cream i told her no. After getting home i realized that Tasha did infact put sour cream on the bean burrito. I was upset because i am a repeated customer of Taco Bell. Its actually my favorite fast food restaurant, and its also safe to say that in the 10 yrs i have been eating bean buritto it is not a routine act of anyone to ask if they would like sour cream. When i got home and noticed there was sour cream on my burrito i called store number 004437 located on highway 78 in Stone Mountain, GA. Tash (the manager) answered and i explained to her that i was very upset about my order and the fact that i got all the way home and noticed it. Not to mention that it is 100 degree's outside and Taco Bell is approx. 15 minutes from my house. Tasha was NOT sympathetic or understanding. She said that i could not use my choice of words (i told her that i was pissed off) she also explained to me that i must talk a certain way in order to receive help from her. I am a repeated customer of Taco Bell and i assure you that this is not a act of kindness or understanding on the behalf of Tasha. She must acknowledge that she is a representation of Taco Bell and should act in a professional way. I was upset anyone would be after getting home and realizing that their order is wrong after stressing such an order at the drive-thru. Tasha acted in such a way that makes me not want to dine at Taco Bell Restaurants nationwide. I work in customer service and travel for a living this is NOT customer service. Certain behavior is looked down on myself considering Tasha is the "Manager" she failed to give me customer service or her store number i had to search for my purchase receipt for the information. Tasha was not helpful and i suggest that she take some sort of customer service class. Also i will be forwarding this letter to corporate offices because clearly someone is not completing their job duties when they recruit for managers. Managers are to rectify the situation not make the situation 10 times worse. This has certainly been a horrible experience with Taco Bell and i will not be dining there for a while due to your lack of professionalism and sympathy towards your everyday loyal customers.
Thank You
Miss Boyd

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