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wrong Billing

Dear Sir
My name is Pankaj Kumar, MDN-9310232623 bearing a HSD broadband.Billing cycle from 04/10/2009 to 05/11/2009 i have got 4372.85 amount which is very high in respect of my bill amount 936.45. we have done many to query with customer care Ms. Satyveer Oberoi (senior Supervisor) told me that due to technical problem in our system you have not seen unbilled amount in your my services account. How i will know day per day daily update amount which shown in unbill amount. there is no any information regarding this.
many times I contacted with reliance customer care but any one have not ready to speak with my problem. Daily talking with customer care I face totally mentally problem due to this my BP, Heart problem etc. happened with me.
Without solving problem many times disconnect my connection & harrash me to pay pending billing amount.
Many complaint No. was given to me for solving ploblem........
1. complaint no.- 114161910
2. complaint no.- 114162017
3. complaint no.- 114233369
4. complaint no.- 114161984
............................................few complaint no. are mention during from 05-11-2009 to 30-11-2009
further i mail to, but no reply have been given to me.
Please help to waiver this all amount & compenciate for mentally harrashment for legal action.
On Sat, 28 Nov 2009 04:01:07 +0530 wrote
>Dear customer, With reference to your Reliance Mobile number 9310232623 for Account No 2381807272, we would like to inform you that we have not received payment for your Current bill of Rs 874.39 . Please make this payment immediately to enjoy our services. Kindly ignore this mail if the payment has already been made. You can also make payments online by registering for our Online Bill payment services at For more information on our wide range of products and services visit us at For any assistance, contact us at
>Thank you for choosing Reliance, India's No. 1 Network.Regards,Customer CareReliance Communications
On reply of your mail,through PANKAJ KUMAR-9313650598
Dear all members related to customer care billing unit
With reference to our Reliance Mobile number-9310232623 for Account No.-2381807272, we would like to inform you that we have made extra payment towards our all three months billing cycle.
Details of all billing monthly statement:
Sl. No. Bill Period Bill Date
01. 24-08-2009 to 04-09-2009 05-09-2009

A. Previous Dues(Rs.) : 0.00
B. Adjustments(Rs.) : 0.00
C. Payments(Rs.) : 0.00
D. Current Charges(Rs.) : 362.51
Total Amount Due(Rs.) : 363.00

Sl. No. Bill Period Bill Date
02. 05-09-2009 to 04-10-2009 05-10-2009

A. Previous Dues(Rs.) : 362.51
B. Adjustments(Rs.) : -936.45
C. Payments(Rs.) : 0.00
D. Current Charges(Rs.) : 1,018.07
Total Amount Due(Rs.) : 414.00

Sl. No. Bill Period Bill Date
03. 05-10-2009 to 04-11-2009 05-11-2009

A. Previous Dues(Rs.) : 444.13
B. Adjustments(Rs.) : 0.00
C. Payments(Rs.) : 1500.00
D. Current Charges(Rs.) : 4372.85
Total Amount Due(Rs.) : 3317.00

As per your billing details, you have shown me that I have to pay amount Rs.3317.00
But from outthought understanding my bill which was generated was totally wrong.

Because my last bill should be amount (including service tax @ 10.3%) was Rs.936.45

After so many several times discussion with our all customer care team members from 05.11.2009 till date that, your billing amount whichever shown in your last bill is so much higher which you sent.

Customer care (MS. SATYAVEER OBEROI) have told me from my billing team members have to waiver your amount which you charges (i.e. Rs. 4372.85 – Rs. 936.45 = Rs. 3436.40)

You have waived totally amount : Rs.3436.40, which was charged wrongly, committed through concern customer care.

I don’t know how much amount has been waiver through billing team member have been made.

No any unbilled amount reflected to our account, always amount is reflected to account is 0.00

How I will know that we have used per day extra amount(in rupees).

Total Amount (Previous Dues + Last Bill Dues)
Rs. 444.13 + Rs. 936.45 = Rs. 1380.58
Or approx. total amount : Rs. 1381.00
Whichever I have already paid amount : Rs. 1500.00

Total Net Outstanding Bill Payment : (-119.00) Minus one hundred nineteen only.

Note: Many times my net connection is disconnected & harassing my to pay amount without any reason.
During this process I have face so mentally & physically problem i.e.- high BP, heart problem……..after talking with hour-a- hour talking with customer care.

Thanks for your corporation.
Yours truly
Add.: C/O. Mr. Dharam Pal
Plot No.-244/94, Gali No.-04
School Block, Mandawali (Nr. Talab Chowk)
New Delhi – 110 092
Mob. No. – 093136 50598

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